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CE Questions

How do I enroll for continuing education credit with Oakstone?
A continuing education enrollment form is included in your initial package. If you do not have one, contact customer service and they will enroll you over the phone.
How soon after I take a quiz will I receive credit?
Quizzes mailed to Oakstone will be processed within 3 business days after receipt of quiz. Quizzes taken online receive immediate notification of credit.
Are these Category 1 credits?
Yes. Our physician programs are approved for Category 1 AMA credit. The programs may also be used for category 2 B credits. (No certificate is needed nor provided for use for Category 2B credits.) Our dental programs help meet the requirements for many state dental boards, state and local associations and hospital and clinics.
Will my state/association/ accept this activity for credit?
Requirements vary from societies, states and associations. Since criteria vary, participants are advised to check directly with the appropriate board or organization for applicability.
Do I have to submit the test before I receive the next issue?
No, you may submit more than one test at a time, but please pay attention to the expiration date printed on your test. Tests submitted after approval expiration cannot be processed. You have until the end of the expiration month to submit the test.
May I make a copy of a paper quiz and send it in for credit?
No, only original quizzes will be graded.
May I fax my answers?
We are required to keep a copy of the original document. Faxed quizzes will not be processed.
What is “Bubble”?
Fill in the circle provided for answers using a #2 pencil, blue or black ink. The grading scanner will not pick up any other type marking on your tests.
If I fail, how many times may I take it over?
You may take the test as many times as needed.
How will I know if I fail?
If tests are mailed in and a passing score is not reached a letter and replacement test will be mailed to the participant. If a test is taken online, immediate results will be sent.
My paper quiz has only 10 questions, but spaces available for 20 answers. Why?
Many of our publication have varying numbers of questions. Please “bubble” in only the number of circles for the appropriate number of questions on your quiz.
Audio Use Questions

How do I use Windows Media Player 11 to listen to Practical Reviews?

If you do not have Windows Media Player 11 installed, you may download it from Microsoft’s website. After the installation of Windows Media Player 11 has completed, you may proceed with the following instructions:

  1. Sign in to website.
  2. Click one of the links listed under Access Practical Reviews Issues.
  3. Click the link labeled For Windows Media Player.
  4. Windows Media Player will open and ask whether you want to proceed to download the audio files. Click Yes.

The audio files will now download to your computer.

After downloading the Practical Reviews audio files, how do I find the audio content on my computer?
When the download completes, click the Recently Added link to see the audio content you just downloaded.
How do I access the mp3 files associated with the album?
Right-click the album and click Open File Location
How do I sync the audio with my portable device/player?

If you have a supported portable device, click the Sync tab. Drag your selected albums or tracks to the Sync List, then click the Start Sync button.

How do I burn the album to a recordable CD?

Click the Burn tab. Drag your selected albums or tracks to the Burn List, then click the Start Burn button.

How do I use iTunes 8 to listen to Practical Reviews?

If you do not have iTunes installed, you may download it from Apple’s website. After the installation of iTunes has completed, you may proceed with the following instructions:

  1. Sign in to website.
  2. Click one of the links listed under Practical Reviews Issues on the MyContent page.
  3. Click the link labeled For iTunes. iTunes will open.
  4. Click Podcasts (located on the left sidebar under Library).
  5. Click the List View button (the first button above View). If the track list for the Podcast is not shown, click the arrow to the left of the title. The arrow should point down and the track list will expand.
  6. Click the Get All button to download all tracks. When all tracks have downloaded, you may listen to the album, sync the tracks to your iPod, or burn them to a CD.
How do I download the mp3 files directly? (Without having to import them into my media player's library.)

1. Right-click on the For Windows Media Player link. Depending on the web browser you are using, click the following command:

Browser Command
Internet Explorer Save Target As…
Firefox Save Link As…
Safari Download Linked File As…

2. Rename the file, changing the .wmd extension to .zip.

3. Save the file to a desired location on your computer. Once the download has completed, you may then unzip the file, extracting the mp3s to a folder on your computer.

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